Underachievement Unlocked

12 mar. 2023

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish — 9/10

Even after the buzz on social media I didn’t expect it to be so fantastic. These last few years, big-budget animation has finally gotten over its fascination with technology for its own sake, and gotten back to employing it to achieve an interesting artist vision, and the result is gorgeous… even if I’m not a fan of the variable frame rate during fight scenes. There was a reason for it in Spider-Verse, but here it just feels gratuitous and distracting. And looks awesome, so I kinda lose the thread of my complaint mid-way through each scene. (I do think they could have made it more subtle — highlight the coolest keyframes without making everything suddenly choppy.)

And the story and dialogue are great. I’m gonna have to find a poster of the Wolf to pin above my bed. (Hashtag furries.) But, I’m sorry, John Mulaney is still not a good voice actor.

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