Underachievement Unlocked

29 nov. 2022

1899 S1 — 4/10

Damn, that was bullshit. Maybe there was a decent movie in there, but hour upon hour of actors staring meaningfully at someone delivering a monologue in a language they don’t speak didn’t leave me inclined to finding whatever good there might be. Could you just crack a joke once in a while? Because all this trauma porn intercut with long doleful stares got old by the end of the first episode.

At least the cast was good, I guess. Meanwhile, this article contains a link to a free PDF of the Black Silence comic if you want to compare and make your own opinion. Looks like a generic space possession story with a pyramid in an alien desert that expresses itself through triangles in the eyes, and that’s it. Even if they’d lifted the triangle imagery from glancing at the comic in someone’s hand, that would not constitute plagiarism in any reasonable sense.

28 nov. 2022

L’Emprise (Mylène Farmer) — 7/10

C’est bien la peine d’avoir un album composé et produit à 80% par Woodkid pour se retrouver avec une majorité de slows de plus en plus 💤 et, sur les quelques chansons avec un peu de rythme, les mêmes percussions foireuses qu’elle semble insister pour mettre dans tous ses albums studio depuis quinze ans. Quand l’album a été annoncé, je ne m’attendais pas à ce que mes chansons préférées soient celles qui ne sont pas produites par Woodkid. (Ni Moby, pour préciser.)

N’empêche, même si la majorité de l’album est assez soporifique, je trouve les chansons tout de même plus agréables à écouter que la plupart de ses albums “récents.” Je suis basic, j’aime les mélodies à structure classique. J’aurais bien voulu voir les versions d’Yvan Cassar si Mylène n’avait pas changé de direction musicale pour ses lives en 2019.

Westworld S4 — 7/10

Come back! they said. This season is good again! they said. And… they weren’t lying? The first half of the season was somewhat middling (so. many. clichés. in the execution) but the show managed to pull a couple last mindfucks before being cancelled, and I’m glad I got to see that, even if the ending was… meh 🤷🏻‍♂️

Thanks to Polygon for this season 3 recap designed for people who didn’t finish season 3. (I had to check IMDb, and they really spelled his name Engerraund?)

25 nov. 2022


this is very common in new zealand because a company there invented “dishdrawers” which is two independent dishwashers…in drawers. it rules!


My biggest idea people aren’t ready for is 2 dishwashers:

You use one for dirty dishes

You use the other one as storage for clean dishes

Take cups/plates, use them, after put back in dirty dishwasher, wash, now that dishwasher becomes the clean storage

Get rid of cupboards


Le scandale de la gauche, c’est son abandon en quelques semaines des vraies priorités de santé, mépris pour la démocratie sanitaire et les associations de malades. Même abandon, même mépris que la majorité. Vous êtes désespérantEs.


Terrible période pour notre République : la macronie a inventé l’obstruction gouvernementale !

Par son déluge de sous-amendements, le gvnmt a empêché le vote sur la proposition de loi défendue par @CarolineFiat54 sur la réintégration des soignants non vaccinés.



Good evening.

Service dogs being trained to sit through a play! There are actors on the stage performing a musical for a theatre full of dogs.

24 nov. 2022

Never Let Me Go (Placebo) — 8/10

Ça me fait très bizarre que Placebo sorte un album en 2022. Et qu’il soit bon, en plus. Pendant que moi je porte une ceinture lombaire parce que j’ai mal au dos 👴🏻

The RSS feeds have been rocky as I was reactivating the blogs and moving stuff around, but I promise it’s all stabilizing now.


Some absolutely amazing photos in this thread!


The Old City of Sanaa in Yemen is one of the oldest cities in the world, continuously inhabited for more than 2500 years. Meaning ‘fortified palace’, the city is a work of art in itself, & remains one of the greatest treasures of Arabia

A thread on the Old City of Sanaa…


10/10 videography work by channel 4, literally no notes. This is modern British art


“people tend to think landlords are cashing in on rents going up”


Thread, lol


just got to horrify my dad by casually explaining that most English cathedrals don’t have foundations and are built fully on a bed of thoughts and prayers, it’s great to know I can still ruin his thanksgiving from across the ocean

Just Pikachu playing Spintires

23 nov. 2022

Midjourney v4 now has (limited) aspect ratios and look at these tarot cards 😍

Pushing Ice (Alastair Reynolds) — DNF

The basic premise is enticing — one of Saturn’s moons suddenly taking off toward another solar system! — but the writing is full of every possible clichéd development and clichéd dialogue in order to fill time. I’m eight hours in and nothing gives me any indication that the resolution will be worth sticking with it. (I’ve only made it so far because I thought the audiobook was 11 hours long. Woke up this morning to find out that it was actually 19.)

And, boy, did the pompous audio narrator not help.