Underachievement Unlocked

24 apr. 2024

Ma page d’accueil YouTube est pleine de vidéos de la Sphere à Las Vegas parce que je voulais voir des images de la deuxième série de concerts qui vient de s’y dérouler, et ça m’a rappelé quand l’ouverture d’une autre sphère faisait la une des journaux télé 👨‍🦳

Ouverture de La Géode - Antenne 2

Découvrez le reportage réalisé par Antenne 2 en 1985 lors de l’ouverture de la Géode.Retrouvez La Géode de Paris sur :Facebook :…

Inauguration de la Géode | INA

22 apr. 2024

As a lifelong ten year old girl, I need y’all to know that I found these markers with patterned rollerballs on Ali Express

18 apr. 2024

TFW you find a Neanderthal jaw in your parents’ new travertine tile…

How many bathrooms have Neanderthals in the tile?

A Reddit poster finds an ancient jaw in his parents’ new travertine. It may be more common than most people imagine.

Dichronauts (Greg Egan) — ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I can’t very well buy a Greg Egan book and complain that it’s math-y. But the dynamic between ambulatory and parasitic organisms was interesting and well developed, and I wouldn’t have minded if it were explored in a more relatable universe.

17 apr. 2024

Tau Zero (Paul Anderson) — DNF

The narrator is absolutely unbearable but it doesn’t seem like I’m missing much anyway.

15 apr. 2024

Quand le médicament qui te permet de survivre à ta bronchite défonce tes niveaux de dopamine au passage

The Manchineel tree is basically a living chemical weapons factory: “Standing beneath the tree during rain will cause blistering of the skin from mere contact with this liquid: even a small drop of rain with the sap in it will cause the skin to blister. Burning the tree may cause ocular injuries if the smoke reaches the eyes. Contact with its milky sap (latex) produces bullous dermatitis …”


Manchineel - Wikipedia

14 apr. 2024

People caught covid in hospital rooms nearly five hours after the covid positive patient left the room.

Hospital ventilation seems to need some improvements.


12 apr. 2024

I always wondered what happened to this bus and holy shit, this story is a fitting tale of beating the odds that is a perfect movie-like tale itself. Fantastic.

The 30-year hunt to find the Priscilla, Queen of the Desert bus: ‘My jaw was on the ground’

Not long after the 1994 film became a smash hit, the titular bus disappeared. Where did it go? Who had it? And could it be recovered before it was too late?

10 apr. 2024

BREAKING: These foxes take very good care of their plushies. #fox

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