1 March 2010

Why doesn’t my log file update?

Why doesn’t my log file update?

Why doesn’t my log file update?


It switched to the next day’s log file.

2 March

I’m not gonna survive that quantity of couscous.

3 March

Ok, where’s my US_PYMT.txt? It’s time now.

4 March

Oh le con. Je me suis plantē d’un jour en mettant mon serveur ā l’heure cette nuit.

Ah, voilā mon US_PYMT.txt, il ētait temps. 262$, ā moi la fortune. (Ok, c’est sur trois mois.)

We’ve already done 10% of the twenty-first century.

Mise à jour de @nopicnodial uploadée ; on va voir si Apple me vire de l’App Store parce qu’il y a des mecs en slip ou si je deviens riche.

Mon corps réclame un dîner léger, mais mon cerveau insiste pour une orgie de pain de mie complet.

5 March

Maintenant que j’ai acheté nopicnochat.com, est-ce que je change le nom de la version anglaise du site ?

Perdu une heure à chercher un bug dans mon code parce que le Mac mini avait juste décidé d’interdire l’accès à i.nopicnodial.com.

6 March

Just renewed my iPhone Developer Program for 79€, and now the Dev Center talks to me like I’m a complete stranger.

I can imagine a 50% chance that all my apps will have disappeared from the App Store tomorrow.

Voilà, c’est fait, dix noms de domaine gratuits. Je devrais en utiliser deux-trois pour faire du domain squatting sur un an, tiens.

8 March

Facture du Crédit Mutuel établie le 3 mars, débitée le 10 mars, en valeur du 1er mars. Mais comment ça peut être légal ces trucs-là ?

La mise à jour de l’appli @nopicnodial est déjà validée o_O

9 March

Hop, mise à jour de @unicodeapp uploadée.

10 March

Ungh. Il m’a bien fallu un mois pour réaliser que je ne pouvais plus accéder à mes sites depuis le Mini parce que PeerGuardian bloque OVH.

Faites-moi penser à faire la vaisselle avant 22h cette fois.

I’ve spent the whole day on it, but my Panic Status Board is coming along nicely. (It’s still more productive than doing nothing at all.)

Panic Status Board

Obviously inspired by Panic’s dream setup that’s been making the rounds for two days. I can’t afford a 46-inch industrial screen (slurp), but I have a Mac mini with a web-based screensaver and I know JSON. (Actually, I didn’t, but that way I got to learn.)

It looks all gray on the photo because everything’s working right and there are no warnings. (Except for the chart of online users on No Pic No Chat, I need to fix the script.) And the photo’s not as cool as Panic’s because, hey, 46-inchers are photogenic, but it’s pretty nice in person.

WTF? I uploaded @unicodeapp 1.1 yesterday, and it’s just been approved.

11 March

It’s awkward enough to dream you have sex with a friend, but it’s much worse when the sex was terrible.

12 March

It’s great that my brain can switch contexts but still scary how inarticulate & illiterate I become when I’ve been programming for days.

Corollary: I’m done redoing the entire Dendrocom website but can’t put it online because I need to rewrite all the text and I’m unable now.

J’ai envie de m’acheter un nom de domaine de shortlinks pour utiliser un de mes bons Gandi, mais garoo.net est déjà court.

13 March

Epuisant, de réécrire tous les textes du site. Mais c’était indispensable. Je spammerai les URL demain, quand les DNS seront à jour.

C’est particulièrement approprié que je rate toujours les yeux de mes smileys quand je suis mal réveillé et que j’ai les yeux mal ouverts.

Textes, screenshots, tout est fait, il ne me reste plus qu’à me filmer en train d’utiliser mes applications iPhone. Un jour.

Si je fais les vidéos de démo avant d’avoir quitté Smallville, ça va être drôle, les mains couvertes de cicatrices de chat.

Damn, I submitted my in-app purchases while there was an insanely stupid bug in my PHP script. Lost one week because of a < instead of >.

14 March

Mais c’est quoi tous ces gens qui s’inscrivent sur le site le matin ?

Oh, bon sang, ça fait 24h que j’attends que les DNS soient mis à jour, mais je m’étais planté dans la configuration.

Having a status board to monitor my servers’ load is stressful for no real benefit. Seems like it goes in the red at absolute random.

Faich’, on m’a donné une idée d’appli iPhone que j’ai vraiment envie de faire, mais c’est encore un coup à devoir gérer un gros site social.

15 March

The amount of trouble I’ll go through to have stupid fancy URLs on my Twitterfeed account that nobody cares about.

I need to go back to sleep. I was mankind’s only hope against the AI uprising and I must get back to that orbital station.

Tiens, Free me confirme la résiliation de mon abonnement au 28 septembre 2009.

Just re-watched Magnolia (still good) to rest a bit and give myself energy to get back to work. Now beginning to see the flaw in that plan.

16 March

Ah tiens, j’ai oublié de mettre les conneries façon écrire à l’envers dans @unicodeapp.

17 March

I think the cat misses being in heat.

18 March

I can’t decide whether @snapfilters 2.0 should hide the iPhone’s status bar.

I want to make @snapfilters 2.0 but it’s disheartening that it won’t sell any more copies anyway, with how much competition there is.

Well if I’m not gonna find the courage to work, I might as well turn on the console.

A minuscule $.getJSON() call and I have my Twitter timeline sliding across my web-based screensaver. The Twitter API is indeed awesome.

19 March

Okay, that bit of optimization didn’t do much. Can anyone advise on switching my Apache to the worker MPM?

Apple “now accepting iPad apps.” Yeah, well, I’m now accepting iPads.

20 March

Where’s everyone? Out celebrating spring?

I’m on strike until the nice weather comes back.

21 March

So the App Store approved the in-app purchases without notifying me, and didn’t notice I had advertised the 2-month option as “6-month.”

Les français n’en ont rien à foutre des régionales mais surchargent les sites d’infos belges et suisses par désoeuvrement, c’est mignon.

Serial killers are so often former victims of bullying, you’d think the U.S., as individuals and as a country, would get the lesson somehow.

22 March

Je viens de mettre un drap-housse propre, et une heure plus tard il est plein de trous. Qui veut du civet de chat ?

23 March

You can now gift iPhone apps on the App Store, and nothing says love like the gift of @unicodeapp.


Oh, well.


New regulations require all my days to be tested on white mice before human trials begin. “It’s a public safety issue,” I grumbled from bed.

I can’t believe I thought people would pay for that service just because it’s good. I’m still so naive sometimes.

We Apple fanboys tend to forget that it’s not the normal outcome for businesses that focus on quality to succeed.

Oh. I had forgotten that not everybody updates their iPhone apps right away. Postponing my suicidal urges until I get more statistics.

24 March

Bouh, on dirait bien que, même si je développais comme un malade avant le 27, je ne pourrais pas avoir @unicodeapp sur le store iPad.

Recon a une appli App Store ? Avec les textes qui sont sur les screenshots ? o_O

25 March

When I lived alone I didn’t have to answer telemarketing calls. Now it’s my responsibility to try and get them to stop harassing my parents.

26 March

I’m so excited by having almost finished the iPad version of @unicodeapp in less than a day that I can’t go to sleep.

27 March

As always, finding a name for a product launch is the worst part of all. And I’ve got a deadline with the free Gandi domain name vouchers.

My tarot reading app will be the most prettiestsome of them all… but all the names are taken and I’m totally stumped.

28 March

OMG we’re losing one full hour of sleep I’m gonna be so tired on Monday oh wait no I don’t give a fuck.

The usual: a whole day racking my brain to find possible domains names, three hours stuck on the one that’s a perfect fit but already taken.

Hours playing an iPhone game I don’t enjoy (Puzzlings) just so that my avatar can get better clothes. I already knew I must never try WoW.

29 March

Wow, I’m so proud of living in the country that completely aped the design of whitehouse.gov. So classy and professional. Just. Wow.

I have dinner with my parents and when I come back Ricky Martin is gay, cats and dogs are living together, and my bank account is—ah, no.

It’s not right to pretend to be happily anonymous when most French bloggers knew of me ten years ago. So I must come out and say: I’m gay.

30 March

Yes! iPad app pre-approved, with no changes required.

31 March

I thought it was depression or nostalgia that made music sound not as good as it used to. I’d just unintentionally turned the equalizer on.


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