Underachievement Unlocked

30 jun. 2024

The Labyrinth Index (Charles Stross)

It’s always a crapshoot when Stross switches narrators around (I’ve been unhappy with how he wrote every single woman character in this series). And I can’t tell how much of my issues are with the writing vs. the voice actress. Having the same recurring characters voiced by a different person from book to book is distracting at the best of times, and this is far from the best of times — they didn’t even google how the main character’s name should be pronounced, never mind check what the previous audiobooks did, whether with pronunciation or character voices.

The story was all right, but I hope this time — nine books in — I’ll manage to remember that I never really enjoy reading these books all that much. I should read the Wikipedia summaries for the rest of the series.

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